The Mysteries of Massage

At Ageless Medical Spa, we offer many services designed to enhance your appearance and your quality of life. And one of the ways we pamper and comfort our clients is with our custom massages.
If you’ve ever enjoyed a massage, you already know that, along with feeling great, it can help ease muscle pain and headaches, and it’s very relaxing. But that’s only part of the story.
Some of the benefits of massage are less obvious, good for your mental and physical health. Depending on your lifestyle, you may find that the many bonuses that come with regular massage are exactly what you need. In fact, many studies have been done to track the positive effects of massage on everyone from babies to people fighting chronic diseases.
Ask yourself these questions and unlock some of the mysteries of the power of massage in your daily life.
Do you have an office job?Sitting most of the day puts stress on various parts of your body, including your shoulders, neck, back and gluteal muscles. A massage can help ease the stress of too much sitting and the imbalance and pain it can cause.
Do you suffer from insomnia?Since a massage promotes relaxation, the effect can stay with you and can help you rest more comfortably and ultimately sleep better.
Do you ever feel anxious or depressed?The relaxing effect of massage can help balance your moods, and the power of touch is also considered therapeutic.
Could your complexion use a boost?Massage is known to produce beauty benefits because it increases blood flow, even plumping up slack skin. A massage also encourages the movement of toxins out and away from your cells so that more nutrients can get in.
So whether you are a frequent client of massage, or if you are thinking about trying one for the first time, there is much more to massage than a quick rub down. And if you’re ready to experience what a custom massage from Ageless Medical Spa can do for you, simply make an appointment today. Call (801) 277-7000.

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