Permanent Cosmetics

What Is It?

A permanent cosmetic treatment at its core is a tattoo. It is for cosmetic use, and is usually done on the eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.

Are There Different Kinds Of Permanent Cosmetics?

There is! Lips and eyebrows have two different styles of tattooing; eyebrows can have the microblading technique, which is a series of lines made to look like small hairs, where traditionally tattooed is fully shaded to the most appropriate color. Lips can also be blushed which is a light tattooing in a lighter shade (to enhance what you already have going on), where traditionally tattooed lips are completely filled in to give the appearance of lipstick and can be shaded any color.

Eyeliner can be done as thick or in any shape as you would like.

Is It Safe?

Yes! It is, as safe as conventional tattooing and with the proper care will yield a beautiful Ageless look!

How Long Does It Last?

Although the word permanent is used, results typically last 3-5 years.

Everyone does have different skin and typically eyebrows and eyeliner last longer than lips. Some people need to have 1 touch up, and others need 2. Lips almost always need 1-2 touch ups because of the high rate the skin turns over.

Microblading is more of a semi-permanent procedure and typically only lasts around 18 months.

Thankfully we offer the 1st touch up at no cost to you!

How Does It Work? Does It Hurt?

“Permanent cosmetics” is a tattoo that makes it look like you are always wearing makeup. Your artist uses a hollow needle to inject dye into a small hole in your skin. It typically stings a little, but a numbing cream can be applied before your procedure to help you with any minor pain.

Can I Wear False Eyelashes And Still Get Eyeliner Done?

Sadly, no.

Although we do LOVE our lashes, we have to remove any false lashes to be able to tattoo eyeliner. You will also need to keep your luscious lashes off until you are completely healed / or you have completed your complimentary touch up if needed.

Can I Wear Makeup After My Tattoos?

Just like lashes, sadly no. We ask that you please keep any makeup off of the tattooed area for at least 7 days. Also you need to be super gentle with your freshly tattooed skin, so applying any makeup that doesn’t come off easily is probably not the best idea. Please, please, please use a mild, unscented soap to remove any makeup and to keep the area generally clean. Baby soap is perfect, and usually is tear free. Don’t rub or stretch the tattooed area, and keep yourself looking amazing!!!

What About Before My Procedure, Should I Be Doing Anything To Prepare?

We are so glad you asked. YES!

  • Do not spray tan or have any excessive sun exposure for 1 week before your appointment. Please (ALWAYS) wear sunscreen. Always!
  • Do not over exfoliate, shave, pluck or do anything to the area that you are having tattooed. Leave ALL of the work to us.
  • Please don’t have any pre-treatments such as facials or any other skin altering treatments for 72 hours before your appointment.
  • If you are using any retinol or retin-A products, please stop use 2 weeks before tattooing and do not resume until 4 weeks after final treatment.


Once you have completed your 1st appointment and you’re that much closer to your Ageless look, we will provide an after care sheet that you can take home. But if you lost it, or you just want to know what the aftercare is like before, please click the link below for a printable version. MUAH!

Before And After Pictures??

Yes Beautiful! Please click here! Check out our Facebook or Insta for all the pics!

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