IPL Is The Perfect Solution For Age Spots

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Life in our great state provides many opportunities to spend time outdoors…every season of the year. But spending more time outside means more exposure to the sun and its attendant age spots. These spots tend to appear on skin that has had the most cumulative exposure to the UV and UVB rays of the sun, […]

Goodbye Utah Winter – Hello Utah Spring!

goodbye utah winter hello utah spring 609a78b4cb91f

Winter in Utah – crispy, exhilarating, smoggy, cold and, yes, fun. But here comes Spring! The crocuses are peeking through the dirty snow the sun is paying warm, sunny visits.Each season in Utah presents its own, unique skin care issues…and each calls for a different skincare routine. Your fragile facial skin is bombarded daily by […]

Elastin and Collagen – Let’s Explore The Differences

elastin and collagen lets explore the differences 609a78c87df93

Skin-care goals that are bucket-list-worthy are keeping your skin flexible and firm. The proteins Elastin and Collagen play a vital role in helping you meet those goals. If you’ve ever wondered what they are and how they are different, read on. Elastin keeps your skin younger by helping it maintain its flexibility and elasticity – […]

Three Tips To Combat Dry, Wintry Skin

three tips to combat dry wintry skin 609a78def2513

Winter. The time of year when your skin spends it’s days in the office or at home, under heating systems, begging for moisture. You may find yourself itching and scratching at your arms and legs and attempting to reach that dry spot on your in the middle of your back.Dry, itchy skin is troublesome any […]

Unwanted Facial And Body Hair, Be Gone!

unwanted facial and body hair be gone 609a78f733839

Warm, cozy knee-length socks and leggings are great cover-ups, but there’s nothing like the confident feeling of smooth legs. Cold weather is no excuse to stop shaving your legs, but shaving is a bit “old school,” and unwanted leg hair is just one issue. Getting rid of body hair that shows up exactly where you […]

Greet The New Year With Belotero Balance

greet the new year with belotero balance 609a790d5da3d

Whew. The decorations are put away and the holidays are over for another year. You more than likely spent many hours thinking of others this season and neglecting you.The new year is the perfect time to consider one of our popular injectable dermal filler treatments.Last March, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released its […]

What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet? Does It Benefit Your Skin Care Routine?

whats in your medicine cabinet does it benefit your skin care routine 609a7921895f6

What do you do, every day, to take care of your skin?Do you have a skin-care routine, both morning and evening, that you swear by?It’s true: taking care of your skin takes a bit of work and dedication – but every bit of the work and dedication is worth it!Now is the time to get […]

Six Salient Facts About Botox®

six salient facts about botox 609a793545073

You’ve heard of Botox®…you may have even tried it, but how much do you know about it? Below are six facts about Botox®, the most popular of the aesthetic cosmetic procedures: The FDA approved Botox® for eye spasms in 1989, and approved it for wrinkles, creases and frown lines in 2002.Botox® is made from botulinum […]

Peel Away Summer…The Holidays Are Here!

peel away summerthe holidays are here 609a794d02c7b

Summer is but a memory and Fall is quickly turning to Winter – now is the perfect time to look your best and brightest…it’s the perfect time for a Chemical Peel!Time does march on, that’s for sure. Your body and skin begin to show the effects of the environment and especially the effects of the […]

Don’t Wring Your Hand Over Wrinkles

dont wring your hand over wrinkles 609a7954adcd7

Taking care of yourself should be one of your highest priorities. Eating right, exercising daily and caring for your skin are all part of aging well and gracefully. Your body and your skin are resilient and respond well to tender, loving care. Aging is impossible to ignore as time marches relentlessly on. But you don’t […]

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