Get Back Your Youthful Skin

Skin CareThere are three parts of the skin. First, you have the outer layer, called the epidermis. It contains protein, pigments, and skin cells. The middle layer is known as the dermis and contains oil glands, nerves, blood vessels, and hair follicles. The final and innermost layer of skin is called the subccutaneous layer. Here you will find fat, sweat glands, and blood vessels. Because the skin is such a delicate part of your personal ecosystem, you need to take care of it. Unfortunately, your connective tissues weaken with aging, reducing your skin’s elasticity and strength.

There are two distinct types of aging skin. The first is called intrinsic aging, and it is caused by genes you have inherited from your parents. The other, in contrast, is extrinsic aging. As the name would suggest, this is caused by external factors, such as the sun or dirt.

Sun light is the main cause of aging skin, intrinsic or extrinsic. You can help prevent this unnecessary aging by always using a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher and protective clothes. You should avoid tanning beds and sunlamps

Smoking cigarettes also causes your skin to age prematurely, causing wrinkles.

Treatments for Aging Skin

Aromatherapy massage is one of the best treatments for aging skin. It combines essential oils and gives needed physical relief to your skin. You can also try a weekly hot and cold massage to give your skin a fresh look.

Similarly, with the help of a face lift massage, you can increase the elasticity and strength of connective tissues in the skin. As a result, you will see your skin begin to glow again. You will also notice a decrease in wrinkles.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is another treatment for aging skin. This is very advanced therapy; it reduces stretch marks on the skin and gives power to your immune system. It does this by reproducing the skin’s lymphatic system that removes the waste material from the skin.

You can protect your skin through facials. These can help prevent and cure aging and acne. Make your skincare habits daily or weekly at Ageless Medical Spa.

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